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Tapmatic Corporation

Cycle time reduction, higher quality threads and increased tap life are issues that have driven Tapmatic to develop unique tooling solutions. New offerings from Tapmatic also include part marking systems and driven tooling.

RDT Series
Self reversing tapping heads for CNC mills and lathes with coolant through the tool capabilities, the RDT series can dramatically reduce your tapping times with Constant Speed Tapping. No spindle reversals means you machine spindles are spared the wear and tear that causes premature failures.


For rigid tapping, the Syncho-Flex system is a patented dampening tap holder that allows the tap to follow its own lead. A must for small tapping operations and for older CNC machines where speeds and feeds are not always in sync.

synchro flexsynchro flex

Conventional Drill presses and Milling machines
Tapping heads and tap holders for machines without spindle reversal or without synchronous tap cycles. Compact tap holders and tension and compression holders.


Tapwriter and Marking heads
In machine part marking eliminates secondary machine operations. The unique dot-peen Tapwriter can mark parts at higher speeds and feeds that conventional engraving tools, with longer tool life using your existing machines engraving software.


Driven Tools
The offering from OMG America is a quality source for right angle heads, spindle speeders and mulit-spindle drill heads for CNC machines.

angle headmulti spindletwin angle head