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Heule Tool Company

Heule Tool Company’s focus is providing de-burring and chamfering solutions, drill chamfer tools, back boring and spot-facing tools, chatter free countersinks. High quality deburring and chamfering tools are a must for high volume automotive and aerospace parts.

Take your part off of the machine chamfered and burr free, eliminating secondary operations and missed burrs that cause part rejections.

The only tool on the market designed to give you an even edge break on a rounded surface. From 4mm and up, carbide inserts and interchangeable springs for all materials Deburring on CNC mills and lathes with 4th axis driven tools.


Now from 2mm and up, snap tools offer consistent 45 degree chamfering with replaceable carbide insets that change in a “Snap” while the tool is in the machine.


Vex and Combi Tools
Combining Snap chamfer tools and Heule’s replaceable drill insert technology, less tool changes make for faster cycle times.


A gear driven backspot facing and back boring tool uses centrifugal force to drive the cutting insert out of the tool body, no spindle reversals are required. All insert movement is strictly radial, programming is simple.

Single and triple bladed countersinks in a variety of angles including 60, 90 and 100 degrees. Chatter free countersinking.